Friday, April 8, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

*The purpose behind Fit Mommy Friday is to encourage mothers in their quest toward healthy living. Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply eat healthier, Fit Mommy Friday is about sharing our weekly successes, struggles, and goals for improvement.*

Well...(sheepish grins) here's to yet another week of me...failing. Big time!

Exercise this week--outside of walking? None.
Healthy eating? the 2 PowerBars a day for snack and lunch count?

This is me working full-time outside the house. It's not pretty.

I thought I was crazy-busy before?! Ha! That was a cake walk compared to the way things are now. Total cake walk.

Now I wake up at 5am (soon to be 3:45am once my new schedule goes into effect next week) and race to get a few work-related tasks done via computer (work related in this case refers to those jobs which I do from home), then race out the door to catch the bus downtown. After work I either head home OR I head back up to PNB to meet Abby after ballet and take her home--OR--as will be the case tonight--I'll head over to PNB to review a performance. (BTW I'm really looking forward to this evening's opening of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"!)

Once I get home, it's back to work on the computer until it's time to go to bed. Such an exciting life, wouldn't you say? (Hee hee)

I must say, I totally commend all the working mommies out there who do this Hats off to you, ladies! You're amazing...

Well, since my check-in pretty much stinks, I shall now turn the floor over to the rest of you. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's progress--perhaps it'll motivate me to get my rear in gear! ;-)


Stacy said...

I'm so sorry you are snowed under with such a tight schedule. I know it will help pay the bills, but it's still a very hard, stressful schedule to do, day-in and day-out. Take care.

i cant decide said...

Ahh, what a week!

I went further into negative weight loss although I shrank visibly according to my husband. Frustrating!

I hope as you get used to the new schedule things get easier.

Annie Kate said...

Wow! I pray you'll have the energy to keep this up. You're pretty phenomenal, you know! Just living is serious exercise right now!


Annie Kate


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